Real Answer® FAQs

Real Answer analyzes open-end responses and discovers gibberish, bad language, non-engaged respondents, similar answers and other undesirable behavior, and will report in real time.

No. Your data is segregated and remains private.

Yes, you may supply custom lexicon(s) for your exclusive use.

Yes. There is access to an online log of the last 30 days of submissions. The log can be filtered by date, survey ID and question ID. The log can also be downloaded to Excel and optionally batch translated.

Real Answer evaluates open-end survey responses against several critical factors and determines the significance of those factors. A Real Answer score of 0 to 100 is then generated based on the quality of the response given. The numeric Real Answer score is provided along with an indication of which factors contributed to the score

The factors used are:

  • Garbage words
  • Bad language, words and expressions
  • Pasted responses
  • Similarity to previous responses
  • Robot responses
  • Engagement

Real Answer is available in 27 languages, including: English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Thai, Malay, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Indonesian, Czech, Bulgarian, and Vietnamese.

Yes, results are returned back in real time.

No. Real Answer does not read or write any cookies or watermarks on the respondent's computer.

There is no interruption to the user experience and there is no automated redirection of users.

No. Real Answer does not install or download software of any kind onto the respondent's computer.

The Real Answer web service is integrated with your existing front-end. The necessary code is minimal. There are no redirects.

We offer client and server side solutions for Real Answer that work with all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as all versions of Unix, Linux and all major platforms.

No. Real Answer is transparent to the respondent.