Capture® FAQs

Capture grabs more than 135 data points from an individual's machine and includes information both from PCs and mobile devices.

Basic pricing includes sending you the data points in real time. Additionally, a reporting interface is also available which is priced separately.

Companies that are interested in designing an optimal user experience need to know about their web users browser settings, what types of installed media players they have, and more. Capture can also proactively provide relevant downloads, or serve pages that are relevant to specific types of users, providing a more positive user experience.

Capture provides a comprehensive data profile of website users – browser settings, browser version, country of origin, window and screen size, language settings, media players etc.

No. Capture does not install or download software of any kind (ActiveX, etc.) onto the respondent's computer. The process is transparent to the user.

Yes. Capture works in all countries.

No. Capture is transparent to the user.

No. Capture does not gather any personally identifiable information. It only gathers data points that are accessible through the respondent's browser.

No. We do not make any use of data collected other than to provide the services you've contracted.

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